Friday, March 17, 2017

History Day Reflection

     This quarter Sarah and I did an exhibit project of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. The theme was taking a stand in history so, we thought what this pair did on the Olympic podium was an appropriate topic for this year. Our tri-fold was quite large and had the basic information and photos, along with our opinion on the board. My favorite part about the project is the board because, it is very eye catching with it's colors and size and seeing it come together in the end was very worth it and satisfying. (Also, working with Sarah was pretty cool ;) )
      During the research a lot of things interested me for many different reasons. At the start of this quarter I almost knew nothing about these people and their gesture however, I feel like now I can tell everyone the whole story. My favorite pieces of information that interested me were that they had a plan from the beginning with the OPHR that they were going to do this. They had been trying to take a stand but could not be heard so, once they got on that international stage they took advantage. Another piece information that caught my eye was that their gesture took place in 1968, a couple years after African Americans officially by law supposed to be integrated. I guess I understand now that they were standing up for a problem that shouldn't still be as worse as it was because of the period in time.
      The hardest part about our project wasn't the notes or working together but, creating the exhibit. We knew from the beginning that we wanted the board to be tall, and to our surprise it was incredibly hard to find. So, we went to a last minute resort of using foam board pieces and putting them together. When we started spray painting our board became a huge dilemma. The board was left bubbly and just looking messy. Sarah and I were really stressed out but, decided to let time take it's tole as we'll wait to put things on the board. Overall, it came together and the bubbles were unnoticed.
      During this project I improved as a learner and student by figuring out during this process how when you are taking notes and collecting all your information, you want to go deeper into each detail to support everything you will use. I feel as my overall thinking and opinions on projects changed because I now know to go deeper into the specific topic and have a different mindset. When you think something is "good enough" there is ALWAYS a way to improve. Also, from now until History Day I would definitely want to change the citations to make sure they are right. I'd want to improve on the way those noodle bibs are executed.
     Now, I could go on and on about how proud I am of our project but, I guess the thing I'm most proud of is the way Sarah and I worked together. I couldn't have picked a perfect partner. We together worked extremely hard and didn't fight or goof around. In the end I think both of us could say, that all the stress was worth it in the end.
      Our project relates to the theme because, Tommie Smith and John Carlos took a stand in history by using a silent gesture to symbolize a problem that had been taking place for a long time. African Americans weren't being treated fairly and they weren't being heard. They took that problem to an international stage, with the risk of loosing what they worked for to get there. They risked a whole lot to show what they believe in.
      Lastly, my advice for future goers of this project is to time manage well, and don't let the stress overtake you, it just takes time.


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