Thursday, May 17, 2018

Images of Greatness Reflection

Babe Didrikson Zaharias. My images of greatness, a truly outstanding athlete that's simply been forgotten about. In my eyes she is great, not just because she had hundreds of trophies, or has been to the Olympics, she is great because she was so ahead of her time, and simply would succeed in everything she did, even when she receiving backlash. It wasn't important to her to be famous and get recognition, all she had to be was the best, and she did just that. I admire the hard work ethic that got her to be extremely successful in life, even when she wasn't credited. She did things back in the 40's that no one on Earth would imagine be done today.
    Overall, I'm proud of my whole project. It turned almost exactly how I would hope, but the part that I'm most proud of is my board and the bio-riddle performance. The board, in my eyes, was quite clean and eye-appealing. I loved how it looked visually, but also loved the photos and captions that went with it. However, my timeline was my favorite because I thought it was clever and it had turned better than expected. I also was extremely proud of the riddle because, well, I made it through with very little mistakes! I'm not gonna lie I gave a quick prayer before I went on stage, but hey, I think it worked. It was very rewarding though to have people come back and tell me that I looked confident and calm while reciting my poem. I definitely wasn't, but, fake it till you make it. I would also say this was by far the most challenging part for me. I don't do well on stage in general, let alone having to memorize and speak into a microphone in front a crowd of people. By the end of the night though, I was happy to make it through without throwing up all over the front row.
    In all honesty, I think I grew as a person the most throughout this whole entire project. I tell my family all the time that I learn the most life skills in this class, and Images of Greatness was a perfect example. As much as we all hated it, going out on stage in front of those people was a good thing in my opinion. We will be able to take this in our adult lives and actually use it, no matter the job we have.
    The work that I would change, would definitely be my essay. I didn't love it, it was kind of boring and seemed to drag on, so maybe if I put a lot more time into it, I would feel more accomplished with my work. Also, I felt that my bio-riddle's construction wasn't really done to it's best. There were some lines that I would kind of cringe at because they were just so odd and confusing. Once again if I would have managed my time better, I would have potentially enjoyed reciting my poem because I was proud of the writing aspect. It's all good though, as I think that my writing skills can get better over time.
    Lastly, my favorite part of the actual Images of Greatness celebration would be when the audience came over to look at our boards and food. I loved interacting with everyone on such a positive night. It was so rewarding to me when people would compliment me on my food and come back for seconds, but it was also rewarding when adults would come over, admire my work, and then we would talk about it for quite a bit of time. To me, it showed that they were interested in my project and enjoyed learning about my Images of Greatness.
   I'm so sad that it's over, as it was one of my favorite middle school memories. I had a such a great time with everyone, seeing them in their costumes as they performed their riddle. It's sad to think that this was the last event as a Goal class together. I guess it's time for a new chapter in our lives, I'm just glad I got to spend this chapter with this class, and especially with Mrs. Edlin.

(If this photo doesn't represent our Goal class, I don't know what does.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Des Moines Trip Reflection

    This most recent field trip was incredible, and I have been looking forward to it since the beginning of the year. So when it was time to finally leave, my excitement level was at a ten. My favorite part though was definitely just the fact that I was surrounded by people I enjoy to be around, it made the trip so much more enjoyable. Whether we were eating, going to the art museum, or touring the science center, I couldn't have asked for much more of a fun time.     When we went to the Art Museum, I had to admit it wasn't my favorite thing because I'm not an artsy kind of person, however, there was a lot of pieces in there that interested me. For example one of my favorites was the neon light sculpture by Dan Flavin - "Untitled (For Ellen)," 1975. I just loved the modern aspect it had. It was something I think all ages could enjoy because of it's basic yet interesting concept. Besides my favorite, we also had to find one piece of artwork that is a true example of art, and I chose Porcelain, String by Marie Lorenz. It really made me think about what I was witnessing, and I think true art is something that makes you think in a completely different way than you initially were like this piece did. It also was nice to see artist names that I recognized, specifically Pablo Picasso with Tete de femme artwork. Finally, while we were at the Art Museum I came across a video... a strange video, by William L. Pope named The Great White Way, 22 Miles, 9 Years, 1 Street. It was extremely odd considering that a grown man was dressed up as Superman and was crawling around a pier with a skateboard on his back. I just don't understand how something that strange and weird could be considered art. 
    I understand that the trip was an informational experience, and I thought each and every stop was informational, but the most informational in my opinion was the World Food Prize. I learned so much about our agriculture that I never thought was even a thing. I remember specifically that Norman Borlaug was the man to help build the World Food Prize and develop it to its state right now. 
    My favorite part by far was just the time spent at the Science Center. Whether it was the IMAX film, or the Fire and Ice Show, I always seemed to be smiling and laughing. I loved how everything there was informational but we still we able to have freedom and explore. Not to mention Chris from Fire and Ice, he honestly made my day he was so funny. 
    It was easy to see that with each and every stop, it had greatness involved. The field trip fit the theme "Images of Greatness" because each event had to do with someone doing something great. So the Drake tour was academic greatness, the Art Center was creative, artistic greatness, and so on through the field trip.     Finally, if I had to improve something about this field trip it would be a little more free time in the hotel. I have to admit we had more than I expected but spending time with everyone, was definitely a highlight. 
                                          (Dan Flavin- "Untitled")

Monday, January 29, 2018

Independent Project Reflection

    I did my independent project on Learning Disabilities. I didn't know much about this topic and it became relevant in my life recently, where it is important for me to understand learning disabilities more. So I researched and put a Prezi together to show pictures and subtitles to go along with my information. I mainly focused on the effects it has on children and really making sure that as peers we can help those with learning disabilities.
  I think that the message and for the first time ever research was my favorite part of this project. I am not one to enjoy research, however, I felt like I got so much out of it this time then I've ever had before. With having the nice research this time, I was able to create my own opinion clearly to convey my own message and thoughts on learning disabilities. However, the hardest part of the project for me was putting all the research and info into a project and simply just present in front of the whole class. I stuttered a lot because I was nervous and presenting was just kind of a hassle to get through. I don't think I've ever had more stress and anxiety in my life.
  I improved as a learner throughout this project by really just making sure I had an actual plan. In the past, it's been jumbled and frustrating to get it into one project because my mind hadn't been set yet, but with this latest project, as it went on, my mind started to learn how to make a plan and get something done each and every day. Something however that I would improve would be, not writing my whole script down. I should've just put bullet points so I wouldn't get lost and made my presentation easier to listen too for others. It wasn't my favorite project in the end, but I got something out of it that I can use in my future life.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

One Word-Strive

    In GOAL, we had to pick out a word that kind of is a summary of our 2018 goals, it's who we are. Strive, my one word. I put a lot of thought and consideration into it (as most probably did) and this one word always came back to me. The word strive is a perfect reminder for me to always push myself, be the best at whatever I do, or simply just improve. I believe that hard work and pushing yourself can get you anywhere in life. You can accomplish much more when you tell yourself "I need to strive to be the best." I am the type of person where winning and being the best is something I very much enjoy, so by reminding myself to be hardworking "Go the extra mile", prove to others and more importantly yourself, you can do anything if you strive to be the best.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

To Kill a Mockingbird - Compare and Contrast

After reading and watching To Kill A Mockingbird Bird, not gonna lie I wasn't overly disappointed. I know by now that the book will be better than the movie, almost 100% of the time. So, by considering that I thought the movie was well done, knowing that of course, they couldn't fit everything we wanted into it.
    So, some similarities between the two are that they incorporated very good descriptions from the book into the movie. So when Scout was explaining something it sometimes felt just like the book because of the same text. They also didn't modify the plot in any way. The story was easy to follow because of this. They kept most of the key moments in there whether it was the trial, to the attack, to the simple ham costume.
    Now, on the other hand, there were a lot of differences. First of all the movie did modify the order of events in some cases. For example, they cut out a LOT of events. They skipped Ms. Maudie's house fire, the schoolhouse scene, and Dill and Scout's engagement. Little things like that, that appeared in the book but not the movie, is very noticeable. They also completely left out Francis and Aunt Alexandra and Mrs. Dubose in some cases. These characters had some importance in the book but weren't even put into the movie. Lastly, one of the MAIN differences, is the way the movie interpreted Scout and Jem's stories. In the book, it was all about Scout and her view, her cute and innocent mind. However, when you get to the movie they really focus on Jem. Jem is completely different from Scout so to have it feel like Jem's story really made it feel different. I mean he was getting all those camera shots, now wasn't he.
    There is, of course, a lot of things I would change about the movie, but if I did that the movie would be 24 hours long. The special thing about the book was that it could add so much detail, but the movie aspect still has to be appealing and that mean's making it short. So, I would, of course, add in Mrs. Dubose more and her storyline cause she brought in so much importance to the children in the book and also add in Francis because I would really like to see Scout beat him up. Besides that, nothing really was better in the movie than it was in my mind, except for Atticus. Man the guy who played him was SO GOOD. It was just so much better.
    In conclusion, I, of course, liked the book much much better than the movie. The movie wasn't awful but they really just couldn't add the detail to live up to the book.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

    "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." - Leo Tolstoy, 1828-1910
     How does this pertain to you/or your world?
     How this quote pertains to me is a little different than others may think. I see this in an opposite way than how it was directed towards us. I mean sometimes I think about changing the world in some way, but to be honest, I am so self-conscious, I am always thinking about ways I can make myself better. Anytime something little goes wrong, and it may be my fault, or someone is upset and it may be my fault, I get so depressed and that's where changing myself is the first thought. I am not confident and once something goes wrong I feel like an awful person and I have the NEED to do something to fix it, so I feel better and others feel better too. So although this quote makes sense to me, I do not see it as it is written, but in an opposite way. 
     If I could write anything (free write) I am currently going to write about Delaney's boxers. Now, today, 9/28, my sister showed up wearing boxers, with no pants... guys boxers of course. I don't really think boxers are a fashion statement or anything I will be wearing anytime soon. But Delaney really seems to love the male underwear. It confuses me very much. I guess they are very comfortable, but I mean, WHY?! They are so ugly! DELANEY they are meant for guys, not girls! She even has multiple pairs of boxers at home, it's ridiculous. I guess all I'm trying to say is that I DO NOT LIKE DELANEY'S BOXERS! Delaney, all I am going to say is you do you but next time try and be little less strange. (Just kidding, I still love you.)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Words of Wisdom

    I really thought this project was beneficial in many ways. For starters I realized you can give great advice with being light hearted, funny, and not to serious. I also learned that my favorite quotes were the ones about being yourself and really took a lot out of things out of it. Finally, I realized that I can actually talk to people I don't know really well and actually get a conversation going. I have always been shy and I'm glad this project helped with not only doing a basic project, but one that helped in multiple ways outside of the classroom.

Friday, March 17, 2017

History Day Reflection

     This quarter Sarah and I did an exhibit project of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. The theme was taking a stand in history so, we thought what this pair did on the Olympic podium was an appropriate topic for this year. Our tri-fold was quite large and had the basic information and photos, along with our opinion on the board. My favorite part about the project is the board because, it is very eye catching with it's colors and size and seeing it come together in the end was very worth it and satisfying. (Also, working with Sarah was pretty cool ;) )
      During the research a lot of things interested me for many different reasons. At the start of this quarter I almost knew nothing about these people and their gesture however, I feel like now I can tell everyone the whole story. My favorite pieces of information that interested me were that they had a plan from the beginning with the OPHR that they were going to do this. They had been trying to take a stand but could not be heard so, once they got on that international stage they took advantage. Another piece information that caught my eye was that their gesture took place in 1968, a couple years after African Americans officially by law supposed to be integrated. I guess I understand now that they were standing up for a problem that shouldn't still be as worse as it was because of the period in time.
      The hardest part about our project wasn't the notes or working together but, creating the exhibit. We knew from the beginning that we wanted the board to be tall, and to our surprise it was incredibly hard to find. So, we went to a last minute resort of using foam board pieces and putting them together. When we started spray painting our board became a huge dilemma. The board was left bubbly and just looking messy. Sarah and I were really stressed out but, decided to let time take it's tole as we'll wait to put things on the board. Overall, it came together and the bubbles were unnoticed.
      During this project I improved as a learner and student by figuring out during this process how when you are taking notes and collecting all your information, you want to go deeper into each detail to support everything you will use. I feel as my overall thinking and opinions on projects changed because I now know to go deeper into the specific topic and have a different mindset. When you think something is "good enough" there is ALWAYS a way to improve. Also, from now until History Day I would definitely want to change the citations to make sure they are right. I'd want to improve on the way those noodle bibs are executed.
     Now, I could go on and on about how proud I am of our project but, I guess the thing I'm most proud of is the way Sarah and I worked together. I couldn't have picked a perfect partner. We together worked extremely hard and didn't fight or goof around. In the end I think both of us could say, that all the stress was worth it in the end.
      Our project relates to the theme because, Tommie Smith and John Carlos took a stand in history by using a silent gesture to symbolize a problem that had been taking place for a long time. African Americans weren't being treated fairly and they weren't being heard. They took that problem to an international stage, with the risk of loosing what they worked for to get there. They risked a whole lot to show what they believe in.
      Lastly, my advice for future goers of this project is to time manage well, and don't let the stress overtake you, it just takes time.


Monday, October 3, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

   This year Mrs. Edlin announced that our very first unit was going to be on Shakespeare. To tell you the truth, I was not excited. I thought that it was going to be very boring and not fun but, let's just say I have had a change of heart. This was a great unit to start out with,  I think what got me so excited about what we were learning was not going over the basics but instead, yelling giglet and swag-bellied at our classmates, and reading death lines a loud. Doing this was so fun and entertaining, and this made me realize that this unit wasn't going to be reading facts and information, it was going to be informational but fun at the same time.
    Now, also we focused on one main play from Shakespeare, and that was The Taming of the Shrew. Do I think that Kate was tamed? Yes, I do. I think overtime Kate became a little bit more fond of Petruchio. Some examples from the text include "Even such a woman oweth to her husband, and when she is froward, peevish, sullen, sour." That whole speech Kate gave could've even been an agreement. There are many theories with what Kate's speech actually meant.
   Why do I think Shakespeare's first folio is important? His writing was so genius and unique, and I think it's important that the world know that special writing. Going on the field trip made me realize, how special Shakespeare's writing was, what they were learning and writing during his time and how things were written back then.
   Now, I have to say my favorite part of this unit was shouting insults and acting death scenes with my classmates. This was one of the first things we started with in this unit and it helped my understanding by realizing his way of writing. Reading just those tiny paragraphs made me understand the big vocabulary he used and just the way he used words in different ways. It was like nothing I have ever read before.
    I think it is still important to learn about Shakespeare's, even 400 years after his death. People in these days kinda loose the respect for good writing and Shakespeare is definitely something that should be recognized through years and years.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016-2017 First Blog Post

     So this year I am entering 7th grade and I am so pumped, but along with a new year I know a lot of people like to set school goals and I am one of those people. I really try and make my goals important and effective and here are a few of them.
     An academic goal that I have for this new year is to keep my 4.0 grade point average throughout this whole year. I really try and succeed in getting A's and A+'s and setting that goal will make me work harder to reach it. Now I would like to set a behavior goal. I don't really have to much trouble with behavior but, there is always that little talking thats going on, and so forth. So, a behavior goal I would set for this year would be try and talk less during class, when talking is not needed, and of course NO DETENTIONS! So those were two of my goals but, I have one more. An improvement goal, which I think is the most important. I definitely would try and improve on organization at school in my binders and stuff, and also at home, like packing my bag the night before.
     These are all important areas of goals to work on but they are most important to me because academics are why you are there to learn, and is important to me I am learning at an high level and exceeding my expectations. Which is why it is such a high standard. And school also is learning to control behavior. It makes it easier on the teachers and people around you if you have good behavior. Now why I think improvement is important is simply so we know how to grow. In whatever way. School gets us to grow and that's the point.

Images of Greatness Reflection

Babe Didrikson Zaharias. My images of greatness, a truly outstanding athlete that's simply been forgotten about. In my eyes she is great...